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Optometrists can deal with many day to day eyecare needs.

Computer Screens

Complaints of eye discomfort and fatigue are becoming more common as the use of computer screens increases. While it is... View Article

Recycling Eyeglasses

The World Health Organization estimates that corrective lenses can improve the eyesight of one-fourth of the world’s population. Unfortunately, for... View Article

Legal Blindness

Normal vision, or 20/20 vision, means that a person can read the smallest letters or see the pictures on an... View Article

Living With Low Vision

Low vision is loss of eyesight that makes everyday tasks like reading, writing, crossing the street, or watching television difficult.... View Article


Sunglasses are popular for comfort and fashion, but now there is medical evidence supporting the use of sunglasses to protect... View Article

Childrens Eye Safety

Accidents resulting in serious eye injury can happen to anyone, but are particularly common in children and young adults. More... View Article

Children and Vision

Many people are confused about the importance of eyeglasses for children. Some believe that if children wear glasses when they... View Article