Services We Offer

We offer a full range of patient services related to the care of patients with glaucoma.

In addition to seeing patients by referral for glaucoma, we follow patients with established glaucoma and those at high risk of developing glaucoma, often in collaboration with the referring eye care professional.

We have the full range of diagnostic testing at our facility, including visual field machines, an OCT nerve head and retinal nerve fibre analyzer, pachymetries (to measure the corneal thickness), ultrasound, and other imaging devices.

For treatment options, we can prescribe medical therapy or perform laser and surgical treatments with some of the newest as well as more established techniques and devices. When surgery is required, Dr. Schertzer will be operating at Cambie Surgery Centre where a facility fee would be required but the surgical fees are covered by MSP.

Glaucoma Consultations with Dr. Schertzer
Diagnostic Testing