Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic tests help to confirm a diagnosis of glaucoma and to verify that your glaucoma is under control.

These tests are part of a clinical examination in that their findings must be reviewed in conjunction with an eye examination. These tests are divided into ones that test “form”, such as the the HRT nerve scan and pachymetry, and those that assess “function”, such as visual field testing.

We generally aim to repeat visual field tests every 4-6 months then less frequently once results are stable for several visits in a row. The visual field test becomes a more valuable test once there is an established “defect”.

HRT nerve head scans can often find subtle changes in the optic nerve before any change is detected from a visual field test. However, repeating this test more often than every 6 months has not been shown to be beneficial.

We encourage patients to have their visual fields and HRT scans at regular intervals, even if they may not see Dr. Schertzer on that visit. As these tests are prone to fluctuation, Dr. Schertzer is looking for any consistent changes that show up on repeated testing to correlate with clinical findings when he sees you.

Diagnostic Tests include:

HRT Nerve Head Scanning
Visual Field Testing