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Referrals are welcome at all three practice locations. Please ask your eye care provider or family doctor to complete the on-line referral or fax the printable referral form to 604-876-6557. The on-line referral form allows uploading of diagnostic testing files including Visual Fields, photos and scans.

If the printable referral form is being faxed, use the following “dropbox” link for any large e-files from referring doctors that are too big to e-mail. Upload here:

Surgery booking

Surgery is available with surgeon fees covered by medicare but patients would be required to pay facility fees to Cambie Surgery Centre or LasikMD.

After-Hours Emergencies

If it is after hours (before 9:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m.) and you have an emergency, please go to your local emergency room. All post-surgical patients should already have Dr Schertzer’s cellphone number and should use that in case of an after-hours emergency.


Dr. Robert Schertzer Inc.
West Coast Glaucoma Centre
1750 10th Ave E, Suite 402
Vancouver, BC V5N 5K4
Tel: 604-876-7433
Fax: 604-876-6557

Eye Surgery

Cambie Surgery Centre
2836 Ash St 1st Floor, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3C6
Tel: 604-874-1349