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Welcome to West Coast Glaucoma

West Coast Glaucoma is a sub-specialty ophthalmology practice focused on acute and long-term care of patients with glaucoma and other acute and chronic eye conditions. 

Dr. Robert Schertzer provides these services with a professional healthcare team in Vancouver, BC. He is dedicated to being your partner in eye health by talking with you and giving you access to relevant clinical information. He uses the latest diagnostic technology and medical, laser and surgical treatments for patients with glaucoma and cataracts. He strives for professional, personal and friendly care and has over 25 years of experience in glaucoma sub-specialty care.

Patient Information

Please call our office to book your appointment.  If your call goes to voicemail, please leave just ONE message.  Repeats are unnecessary.  Thank you for your cooperation.

A reminder that our phone hours are 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday (closed for lunch from 12 – 1 PM.) Messages can only be left during these times.

If you do not like the automated appointment confirmation system and wish to confirm or change your upcoming KNOWN appointment, click on Confirm Appointment in the menu bar or click here.

REMEMBER, appointments cancelled within 3 business days are subject to a $100 cancellation fee unless there is a valid medical reason. 

Our landline is not to be used for sending text messages.

Remember, you won’t be seeing the Doctor every single visit.

Just a reminder to all patients that your eye care requires a team approach with special tests of the “form” and “function” of your eyes. You will NOT see Dr. Schertzer every time, like when you go to a dentist, and most visits are with the dental hygienist and not with your dentist. Many visits will be for either an OCT scan as part of diabetic, macular degeneration or glaucoma evaluations or Visual Field testing for glaucoma or neurologic conditions. Our ophthalmic technicians perform these and are highly trained to assist in your care.

Online or Printable referral form is required.

Please ask your eye care provider or family doctor to complete the online referral form or print and fax the printable referral form and upload VFs OCT scans or photos that won’t fax clearly.

Need your glaucoma drop Rx refilled?

Ask your pharmacist to fax us the refill request; do not call our office for the refill. If you’ve completely run out, your pharmacist can provide an emergency supply until your refill is ready. If you are long overdue for an appointment, we will reply to the pharmacist that you need to be referred back before you will get a full year of refills.

For Physicians

The Doctors’ private line rings directly through to our Office Manager but we still encourage those trying to reach us for an urgent or semi-urgent referral to fax your request with the patient’s information to our fax line at 604-876-6557 using our printable referral form to get our attention and upload VFs, OCT scans, or other clinical photos so they are received in full resolution.

Feel free to use your standard fax form to refer any patients; the printable or online referral forms are geared toward Eye Care Professionals who might have eye pressure, visual acuity and ancillary test results.

Patient Education

Learn all about various conditions that affect our vision.

Eye Facts

Articles and videos about eye conditions.


Overview Videos

Overview videos of common eye conditions.


Dr. Schertzer's Blog


Talking about glaucoma with many special guests.

Glaucoma Patient Group

A Glaucoma patient support group on Facebook created by Drs Robert Schertzer and Joel Schuman.

News and Updates

August Holiday Week

The West Coast Glaucoma side of the office will be closed for the week of the BC August Holiday August 5-9, 2024. Leaving messages on

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