What to Expect

This description of what to expect when undergoing intraocular surgery with Dr. Robert Schertzer covers the period from the day the decision has been made to have glaucoma or cataract surgery based on discussions you would have had with Dr. Schertzer, through the process of booking you for surgery, pre-operative testing that might be required, the days leading up to the surgery, the surgery itself, and the follow-up period. Getting prepared for eye surgery is sometimes scary as most people are a bit squeamish when it comes to having people get near their eyes. Also, vision is such a valuable asset that there are fears associated with risk of things going wrong. Hopefully by arming you with enough information about what is wrong with your eyes and what we are going to do to try to help you will help you become more comfortable and you can leave the worrying to us. In addition to Dr. Schertzer, the team that is helping care for you includes the friendly and knowledgeable staff at both the West Coast Glaucoma Centre as well as the VHHSC/UBC Eye Care Centre Surgical Day Care.

Types of Surgery: (Find out more)

  • Trabeculectomy with Mitomycin (anti-metabolite)
  • The Optonol ExPress Mini-Shunt
  • The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve
  • Cataract Surgery in glaucoma patients
  • Combined Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
  • Contact Transcleral Laser Cycloablation (CTLC or diode laser ablation)

What you should know about the process:

The day the decision has been made for surgery
One month before having surgery
3 Days before having surgery
The day of surgery
Post-operative visits